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Tashlich Reflection Set: Prayer Card and Intention Journal

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Delve deep into the meaning of Tashlich with our comprehensive reflection set.

It's normal not to connect with Tashlich. We get it, after a full day of prayers, Tashlich might feel like one more thing to 'get done'. But trust us, once you tap into its real magic, it could just become the highlight of your Rosh Hashana.

This set is curated to deepen the experience of Tashlich, ensuring that you not only perform Tashlich, but truly feel its transformative power.

What's Included:

Tashlich Prayer Card:

  • Features the original Hebrew text, along with its English translation and a Hebrew transliteration, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of their level of Hebrew proficiency.
  • Designed to be more approachable and lightweight than your Machzor

Pre-Tashlich Reflection Journal:

  • A series of intentional prompts crafted by Deena and Dalia Oziel to help you introspect and recognize the burdens and regrets you wish to cast away during Tashlich.
  • This exercise ensures that you arrive at Tashlich prepared to let go of the year's heaviness, making space for the new blessings and opportunities the coming year promises.


Dalia & Deena Oziel